Kiss Him, Not Me! Volume 10

Kiss Him, Not Me! Volume 10

I thought, by this point, the series would have settled down to a comfortable familiarity, but by introducing a new character, Kiss Him, Not Me! volume 10 adds an interesting dimension to the gang of fans.

Kae finds out that a long-lost childhood friend is now a key voice actor in her favorite anime. She used to defend Takeru from bullies when they were young, and he craves her protection again now, to help him manage the stress of a fast-moving entertainment career.

Kiss Him, Not Me! Volume 10

His performance skills have him fitting in quickly, and his access to behind-the-scenes information and people make him attractive, but there are hints that he’s got a scheme in mind that might take advantage of Kae’s kindness.

This plot gives more insight into what all these boys (and a girl) see in Kae without her having to do much but be nice. She’s treated as more of a prize than a person, but I didn’t mind that much, because I enjoy the depiction of various fan events that came with the story. For example, the live performance she and her friends attend gives amusing insight into how fan culture displays in other cultures, particularly given Kae’s exaggerated reactions.

Since this is a comedy manga, things go too far, leading to a cliffhanger where once again, Kae’s gang of suitors have to try to save her from her naivete. And there were plenty of funny moments getting to that point as well.

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