Boom! Studios Gets More Movie Money

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Back in 2013, Boom! Studios signed a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox Film, following that up in 2014 with a similar deal with 20th Century Fox TV. Fox must have liked what it saw, since now, the studio has announced a strategic investment in the comic book publisher, acquiring “a significant minority stake in the largest independently-controlled comic book and graphic novel library.”

“Fox’s investment will fuel BOOM!’s generation of more original content like Lumberjanes, Mouse Guard, and Grass Kings. Fox has been an incredibly supportive partner and our creative alliance has been tremendously successful — high-level directors, big screenwriters, and marquee talent have found BOOM! an attractive platform. Now BOOM! can greenlight more new series from comic book creators, deepen its distribution relationships, and widen its marketing reach. Great news for our creators, retail partners, and fans. Fox is committed to BOOM!’s creators through this deal, and it means BOOM! will have better support and resources to publish world-class content,” says Ross Richie, CEO and Founder of BOOM! Studios.

Boom! calls itself “the fastest-growing company in the comic book direct market” and highlights that it “partners with creators to share ownership of original series.” This agreement also extends both first-look deals mentioned above.

Boom! Studios logo

We haven’t seen much from this deal yet, because making movies and TV shows takes time. 2 Guns came out in 2013, but that was from Universal, who has also optioned Day Men, a vampire thriller.

Fox is currently working on properties that include Irredeemable, Malignant Man, Imagine Agents, Tag, The Foundation, Mouse Guard, and Lumberjanes. With the exception of those last two, I have to suggest, maybe some more memorable, distinctive titles are in order? I look through most of what Boom! puts out and I don’t remember any of those, except for the first, which is Mark Waid’s take on “what if Superman went really evil”.

The furthest along is The Empty Man, a horror-flavored thriller now in post-production. Potential TV shows include adaptations of The Woods and Hacktivist, created by Alyssa Milano.


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