DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle

DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle

The latest digital comic featuring the DC Super Hero Girls (following Past Times at Super Hero High) has particular interest for comic fans. Out of the Bottle has released five installments so far, each 20 screens for 99 cents.

In this story, written by Shea Fontana (who’s done the other DC Super Hero Girls comics), Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Katana, and Harley Quinn are making their own comics in Ms. Moone’s art class.

Katana envisions a moody, Batman-like crime story where she rescues her friends, done with pretty good illustrations, while Wonder Woman is struggling with feeling that her art isn’t good enough. Supergirl has an adorable story about “World’s Finest Friends” where big-eyed, big-head versions of her and Batgirl ride ponies and unicorns. The art is shared between Marcelo Di Chiara and Agnes Garbowska, who do a lovely job creating the different styles used by the students.

DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle

Harley, like Wonder Woman, is struggling to draw what she imagines, so she borrows Ms. Moone’s magic paint. Uh oh! Harley’s comic was about an alternate universe where she was a villain, and the drawn version of her has been brought to life, causing mischief. When all the art comes out of the page, mayhem ensues!

This story is cute, as well as indicative of emotional challenges. It provides more insight into how the characters relate to each other and what they struggle with, despite their super powers. My favorite part was how Wonder Woman drew three versions of herself (because she feels more people have needs of her than she can meet alone), and they start arguing with each other, because one is unpredictable.

I like seeing the heroes make art, because I think it’s an important skill to develop and one anyone can learn from. The collected version, DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle, will be in print August 2018. It can be ordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code FEB18 0156.


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