Lots of Swordfighting Likely in Wonder Woman/Conan Team-Up

Wonder Woman/Conan

Dark Horse has announced that they will be publishing a six-issue Wonder Woman/Conan miniseries this fall.

Best of all, it’s by creators familiar with the Amazing Amazon. Gail Simone writes and Aaron Lopresti draws “an adventure unlike anything seen before — a collision of legends.”

Wonder Woman/Conan

Our tale begins as Conan the Barbarian arrives on the shores of an unknown land, and soon meets the world’s most fearsome arena fighter — Wonder Woman. Ill-fated circumstances force them both into slavery. As they attempt to free themselves from the grips of the rich and powerful slave-owner Dellos, a dark magic descends upon their land, a presence that wants to destroy them both. But who has the might to stop the most talented gladiators who have ever existed?

I have to wonder how a woman from a society of Amazons deals with the usual Conan trappings of half-clad slave girls hanging on him, but I guess fighting together gets past that. Hopefully she teaches him some grace, although based on the promo art shown, this is more about fierceness and strength.

Wonder Woman/Conan will begin September 20.


  • Jack

    Wonder Woman an arena fighter? When was she ever that? More of Simone’s, I don’t like to change continuity nonsense. Besides, with Wonder Woman’s power set what in Hyboria would ever slow her down? This thing can’t be using Diana of any continuity except maybe the powerless period back when she was all decked out like Emma Peel. Maybe Simone can have Wonder Woman stripped, dragged, and humiliated like she did with her in Secret Six? Or maybe Conan can spank her the way Simone had one of her creations do to Red Sonja?

    Nope, nope, nope.

  • If you don’t like the concept, or the work of the writer, then don’t read it. There are so many comics out today that there’s plenty more to find more to your taste, instead of holding grudges over fictional events that you didn’t agree with.

  • Jack

    I assumed comments were for reaction to the article? I had no idea that only praise was desired.

  • You’re not talking about this project so much as slamming a creator. Opinions are welcome, whether we agree or not, but abuse (which you’re just this side of) is not. It’s a matter of tone. You sounded too rant-y.

    I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this particular comic myself, but it did strike me as a clever idea for a team-up that I never previously imagined.

  • Jim Perreault

    She did that to Wonder Woman in Secret Six? I am surprised.

    At any rate, I greatly enjoyed Simone’s Wonder Woman run, and I thought the high point was a Sword and Sorcery epic guest starring some of DC’s forgotten characters (Claw the Unconquered, being the one that springs to mind). This was reprinted in “The Ends of The Earth” trade paperback.

    She also did a great run on Red Sonja, causing me to believe she has a fondness for the genre. In Red Sonja, she also had the heroine captured and enslaved. But she did so without the character losing and dignity or strength.

    I’m not a big Sword and Sorcery fan, but I think this will be a lot of fun. It’s a shame it’s not Xena, though.

  • James Schee

    Odd team up idea. Diana’s powers would seem to outclass Conan by miles. But maybe there’s a way to make it work. I guess we will see.

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