Mimi Pond’s Followup to Over Easy Due in August

The Customer Is Always Wrong

I quite enjoyed the time capsule autobiography of Mimi Pond’s Over Easy, her story of working in a cafe with some colorful characters during her time in art school.

Due in August is The Customer Is Always Wrong, a followup with more

“tales of the fascinating sleaze-ball characters that surround young Madge into her workaday waitressing life. Outrageous and loving tributes and takedowns of her co-workers and satellites of the Imperial Cafe create a snapshot of a time in Madge’s life where she encounters who she is, and who she is not.”

One of the reason I liked her book was how different the life portrayed was. The 70s was a time of free spirits, before religious conservatism and extreme capitalism became significant cultural motivators. It’s not something younger readers have seen, and so it has an entertaining air of the exotic and exaggerated.

There are preview pages at the publisher’s website. The Customer Is Always Wrong can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop with Diamond code JUN17 1636 at a suggested price of $29.95, but it is an over-400-page hardcover.

The Customer Is Always Wrong

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