Does Anyone Still Care About Fighting American?

Fighting American #1

Titan Comics has announced that they will be launching a Fighting American comic this coming October. I’m curious to see how it does.

Fighting American was never a great concept, in my opinion. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created the generic flag-wrapped hero in 1954 because they no longer controlled Captain America. Instead of an original idea, it was more “we can do it again too!”

The cover shown here, by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, is generic. The comic is written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Duke Mighten, two creators without a lot of name recognition and with no connection to the patriotic flag-waver (shown here with “faithful sidekick Speedboy”). It’s also a little odd that this “true American hero” is being created by a British company and creators. Maybe that will put a new spin on it.

Fighting American #1

The publisher describes the character as “the embodiment of the homegrown, god-fearing, patriotic, apple pie-eating American superhero…. Fighting American brought square-jawed justice to “the Commies” and villains such as Double Header, Hotsky Trotsky, and Round Robin!” Apparently the second issue became more of a superhero satire, playing down the anti-Communist approach, so I would expect to see some humor in the book.

Titan has previously collected all the Fighting American comics and published Joe Simon’s biography, My Life in Comics.


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