Pope Hats #5 Concludes Main Storyline, Now Available for Order

Pope Hats #5

Ethan Rilly does amazing work in his Pope Hats series from AdHouse. My favorite part is the main story, about roommates Vickie, an aspiring actress, and Frances, who struggles in a mundane job at a law firm.

As with many self-created, detailed independent comics, it takes a while for a new issue to come out. #4 was released in May, two years ago. Rilly has posted about the next, coming issue, which concludes that storyline, with some sample art. It’s now available for preorder, and if you like good comics, you should check it out.

Pope Hats #5 is due out in comic shops on September 6 at $9.95 for 64 pages. It can be preordered with Diamond code JUL17 1302.

Pope Hats #5

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