Hope Larson’s Next Book Promises Friendship and Music

All Summer Long

As part of their reveal of covers for First Second’s Spring 2018 releases, EW.com has posted the cover below for All Summer Long, the next book from Hope Larson.

Larson described it on Twitter as “a fairly low-key book about friendship and music… set in Eagle Rock, in Los Angeles” and pointed out that it would be the first book she’s both written and drawn since her wildly popular adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. (I added the “wildly popular” part.)

All Summer Long

First Second executive editor Calista Brill elaborated, calling it “a family story, a friendship story, and a coming-of-age story about that one summer when everything changes. Before 13-year-old Bina’s best friend, Austin, left to go to soccer camp, he was acting weird. When he comes home, he’s acting even weirder. What gives?”

This isn’t Larson’s first book about young friendship or summer camp. Chiggers looks at how friendship changes among girls away at camp, if you want to see how she tackled a similar topic a decade ago. She’s one of the few creators on my “read everything they do” list, so I’m looking forward to this new work, particularly with her art.

All Summer Long is due out June 26, 2018.

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