Giant Days Special Tackling Holiday, London Cliches

Giant Days 2017 Special cover by Jenn St-Onge

Boom! Studios has announced that they will be releasing in November the Giant Days 2017 Special. Creator/writer John Allison is putting together, in his words, “a tribute to the films of Richard Curtis, and the Bridget Jones movies, by someone who has seen those movies perhaps once, and maybe not all the way through.”

Artist Jenn St-Onge (Jem: The Misfits) chimes in: “Readers can expect some holiday hijinx from our main ladies (with only the best intentions, of course), some gentle Love, Actually inspiration, and the return of some familiar faces for longtime readers of John Allison’s comics. I’m a huge fan of Giant Days, and I really hope that as a guest artist (and non-Brit), I do this special justice!” Here’s a sketch of her versions of the main characters:

Giant Days characters by Jenn St-Onge

Plus, Allison is taking on how Americans are shown London: “Iconic locations are presented as if they’re a brief walk away from each other, 1950s throwbacks still seem to walk the streets, it’s very clean, there are no poor people… The ghosts of Mary Poppins and bad dentistry loom large, but not as large as Colin Firth. He’s everywhere.” This all sounds funny to me, and a good match for the characters and approach to the series. Here’s the plot description and cover by St-Onge.

When Esther is invited to stay with her friend and mentor, Shelley Winters — who is less a mentor and more utterly mental — she brings Daisy and Susan with her. Shelley Winters is a great and distinguished career woman who is hopelessly in love. Susan, Esther, and Daisy observe (read: aggressively meddle in) her life, falling back on tried-and-true rom-com cliches to teach her some valuable life lessons.

Update: The Special is due in stores on November 22. It can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code SEP17 1321, and it will be 40 color pages for $7.99.

Giant Days 2017 Special cover by Jenn St-Onge

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