Titan Comics Seizes on Current Events to Promote Fighting American Launch

Fighting American teaser poster

On July 4, Titan Comics (a British company, interestingly) released the following teaser poster to promote the October launch of Fighting American, a property created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1954.

Fighting American teaser poster

It’s clearly intended to tweak Marvel Comics, whose big summer event is titled “Secret Empire” and features Captain America brainwashed into being part of a Nazi-inspired group. Fighting American was created by the men who originally created Captain America because they no longer owned their first idea.

Now, citing “overwhelming fan and ​retailer demand for this poster”, Titan has announced that it will join their other variant covers as an option to order for the first issue release. Of course, this also hits on some of the current events in the news, as America debates how far free speech should go when it comes to real-life Nazis threatening and killing people.

Titan Comics also released the following preview pages. Fighting American #1 is written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Duke Mighten.

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