KC Interviewed About Adventures in the DC Universe

Back Issue #99, out now, is dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series. There’s an oral history of the show’s creation, a lengthy look at the spin-off comic, an episode index, a history of Harley Quinn across different media (which justifies the tacky brokeback cover), and the reason I’m mentioning it: an article on the other “animated universe” comics.

After some coverage of Superman Adventures, the article by James Heath Lantz switches to talking about Adventures in the DC Universe (1997-1998), which was developed and edited by my husband KC Carlson.

Back Issue #99Adventures in the DC Universe #1

I liked the series as a starting point into the DCU and for how it told stories both with familiar, well-known characters and more obscure ones.

KC tells some stories in the article about how he got an unpublished Paul Dini/Bruce Timm story, how he worked within the established structure while still trying to keep the book quirky, his favorite bad pun cover tagline, and Paul Levitz’s reaction to seeing Ultra the Multi-Alien. It’s probably not enough to buy the entire issue for, but if you’re interested in the overall topic (particularly with the Batman and Harley Quinn movie out now), there’s a lot of good information throughout the issue.


  • Argo Plummer

    I love Back Issue and have been looking forward to this issue–haven’t made it to my LCS yet this week to pick up. Knowing KC is interviewed in there s issue is icing on the cake! I loved Adventures in the DCU. Great stuff!

  • David Oakes

    Any Ultraa the Multi-Alien, no matter how small, is reason enough to pick it up!

  • KC Carlson

    Actually, AdvDCU guys Steve Vance and John Delaney are interviewed as well, and have great stories that I didn’t even know about! Also, big thumbs up to the issue’s lead feature: An Oral History of Batman the Animated Series!

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