Batman: Noir Alley Coming to Comic Shops?

Batman in Noir Alley

I was surprised to note this ad in a comic out yesterday (which, let’s recall, was September 6, that is, after Labor Day, the traditional end of summer). In case you can’t read the bottom print, it says

Don’t miss the exclusive, free comic Batman in Noir Alley in select comic stores this summer.

Anyone’s comic store get this? Or is it just running late, and the ad means it’s still to come?


I hadn’t heard of this before — I no longer keep up with TCM since I cut the cable cord a couple of years ago — but Noir Alley is a programming block. Every Sunday at 10, Eddie Muller hosts a classic film noir. They’ve been doing it since March and will continue through January.

To promote it, as a Warner cross-property tie-in, I guess, they created this comic as a “San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Giveaway”. Except not so much. More and more companies are doing this, I’ve noticed — you can get it first at the big con, but if you’re patient, many companies will repurpose or reoffer their exclusives. Why miss out on the huge audience that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to get buffeted by crowds, after all?


I hope that these promos are still due to come out, since now I want to see the story. Anyone know who wrote or drew it?

Update: According to this press release, the comic will be in shops next week, September 20. It “features a new 14-page story written by Stuart Moore with art by Valentine De Landro and a cover by Dan Panosian. This issue also features a 14-page excerpt from Batman: Gotham Noir written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips.”


  • James Schee

    Googled it and found some pages on Eddie Muller’s Faceboo page from August 16. Showed a framing sequence where Eddie mets Batman and offers him a drink. When asked who created the pages, he said DC Comics production department created them. And that there was a batman Noir story by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips in it as well.

    His understanding was it was a limited run available at SDCC and that they would have 300 copies at a Noir film festival they were putting on as well. Plans may have changed in DC’s end though.

    There are some available on eBay, but they are pricy. With many starting @ $40 and up.

  • Ah, more of a cut-and-paste reuse situation, then. Thanks for doing that research.

  • James Schee

    No problem. That cover btw is done by Dan Panosian.

  • Douglas Russell Gilbert

    Why was this book not available in any bookstore like it was advertised?

  • J Howard Boyd

    Looks like they are shipping to “select stores” with product going on sale September 20, 2017.

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