The Harcourt Legacy Preview

The Harcourt Legacy #1 cover by Jason Federhenn

The Harcourt Legacy is a three-issue miniseries with a classic premise: a dying elderly relative wills magic to an unsuspecting, outcast teen. But I like the attitude on display in the art and writing, based on these preview poges. Plus, I have a fondness for snarky girls named Violet.

It’s written by Brendan Cahill and illustrated by Jason Federhenn. Here’s the setup:

Occultist Edward Harcourt is dying, and he wants to pass along his secrets. His intended heir is his grandniece Violet, but that’s a problem for his sister Edwina, who wants to keep his legacy for herself.

As for Violet, all she wants is some harmony in her troubled family life. But when presented with the idea of a magical solution to all her problems, can Violet focus on what’s real, or will she allow herself to get lost in what might be nothing more than a flight of fancy?

The Harcourt Legacy contains teen snark, heavy rock music, unanswered phone calls, a little weed smoking, and some swears.

Writer Brendan Cahill says, “On the face of it, The Harcourt Legacy is about the occult, but ultimately it’s about family, selfishness, maturity, and where you find magic in the world. The occult part just makes it a bit more fun.”

The Harcourt Legacy #1 can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code SEP17 1062 (Federhenn cover) or SEP17 1063 (Cahill cover). Either way, it’s $3.99 for 32 color pages, due out November 8 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint.

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