Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 6

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 6

Everyone’s Getting Married continues as an enjoyably soapy romantic read. Since I last checked into the series by Izumi Miyazono, newscaster Ryu has been co-hosting a show with his ex, the married woman he had an affair with and who convinced him marriage is a sham and something to avoid. His girlfriend Asuka is ok with that, since she’s got her own issues. Her co-worker Kamiya continues to pursue her, since they both want to get married, and he thinks she would be the perfect wife for his career and social standing.

In Volume 6, things get complicated when Asuka goes to visit her parents, and it turns out that Dad knows Kamiya. While her siblings quiz her about her boyfriend, whom she refuses to say much about, another cute guy is sitting there with her. That makes Ryu jealous, because Kamiya is willing to give Asuka what she wants, the commitment he’s unwilling to provide. It’s not a tenable situation for the long-term, but at least the making-up lovemaking is hotter because of the tension.

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 6

Asuka’s younger brother isn’t willing to let the subject drop, coming to her home demanding to know more about the man she’s being so mysterious about. Thankfully, his prying is handled relatively well by those involved, reminding me why I enjoy this romance more than the usual schoolgirl love stories, and he ends up pushing them into a new relationship step. I like how he clearly cares about his sister, although his opinions differ from hers.

It’s good timing, too, to move things along just when I was getting a little tired of the jealousy back-and-forth. There’s an even more potent cliffhanger set up by the end of the book, keeping me eager for the next installment, due at the end of the year. This time, it involves careers. After all, as the couple enters their thirties, some work advancement — and figuring out how to balance that and partnership — is only natural. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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