Next DC TV Crossover Announced

Crisis on Earth-X TV show crossover promotion

The crossover among the DC TV shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow last year apparently did well enough that they’re doing another one. (Supergirl was part of last year’s, but that show’s involvement was minimal. That will change this year.) “Invasion!” featured the invading alien Dominators and teamed up all the main characters from the four shows.

Now comes the following promotion for the next event. “Crisis on Earth-X” uses the “Crisis” phrasing that first was used in crossovers between the Justice League of America and the Earth-2 Justice Society of America beginning in 1963. (You can read about all of them at this comprehensive website.) These stories, appearing every summer, also introduced a variety of alternate earths with different heroes. The most famous “Crisis” story was of course 1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, the mega-crossover that completely restructured 50 years of DC Comics history and rebooted a corporate comic company’s universe for the first time.

Crisis on Earth-X TV show crossover promotion

The promotional image, by Phil Jimenez, has a similar layout to those classic comic covers, with character heads surrounding a central image, portraying the wedding of Barry and Iris. Earth-X, in the comic books, dates from 1973, when the JLA discover that it’s an Earth where the Nazis won World War II and the remaining heroes are the Freedom Fighters (Doll Man, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, and the Ray — characters originally published by Quality Comics) led by Uncle Sam. How timely! But in this case, it seems that Earth-X contains evil dopplegangers of our heroes.

That link also answers more of my questions. Zari is a hacker from the future who will be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow. (That amulet and her dark hair reminds me of Zatanna.) The Sensor Girl-looking blonde facing off with Supergirl is Overgirl. (What a silly name, but I wonder if she’s a tie-in to this season’s cliffhanger of an evil Kryptonian survivor.)

The four-show crossover event will air November 27 and 28 on the CW.


  • David Oakes

    Overgirl is apparently the Earth-X Supergirl, voiced by Melissa Benoist in the FF: Ray animation?

  • Right. The link talks about that – I was moving too quickly in posting yesterday. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • David Oakes

    I had seen the cover in three different stories, and I wasn’t sure which one outed Overgirl.

    I had been assuming the masks were “Hey, look, we are EVIL!” signifiers, and/or a way to not have to use split-screen during fights. But the shout out to Sensor Girl, along with the recent Mon-El storyline really make me hope for more.

    In the same vein, I keep getting a solid Zatanna vibe (um…) from Zari. More maybes to be played…

  • James Schee

    I’m curious to see how the Ray is. I loved the character from the 90s comic series, saw they already named actor for it and the animated series. Looks to be a mix of his and his father’s origin which could be interesting.

    Sure seems like a HUGE cast of characters to keep up with over just an hour show though. If they pull it off, perhaps it’ll give them more confidence to do a Legion of Superheroes show though. Lol

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