GL Jessica Cruz Joins DC Super Hero Girls Comics

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Coming next week is the first issue of a new digital DC Super Hero Girls comic. Spaced Out is notable for introducing an existing DC character into the group: Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. Here’s the description:

Meet Super Hero High’s newest student… Jessica Cruz! Being the new kid is tough, but life gets a whole lot tougher for Jessica when she learns that she must travel through space to be sworn in as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Can she overcome her fears with the help of her classmates/travel buddies Supergirl, Big Barda, and Star Sapphire? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman agrees to dog sit Krypto while Supergirl is away!

The ComiXology listing isn’t available yet — probably to avoid people like me writing about it early — but the Amazon Kindle listing says this will debut October 30 at the usual 99 cents price. We knew the character was coming, based on the description of next year’s cartoon series, but I’m glad to see her in the comic stories as well.

The Green Lantern comic series is one of the few DCs I’ve read a huge chunk of (from Silver Age up to about ten years ago). Yet the concept and characters never really clicked for me until Jessica was introduced. I like that she’s got a distinctive background and suffers from anxiety, which is a nice way to modernize the “hero without fear” idea for a current-day audience.


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