Comic-Con HQ Video Channel Calls It Quits

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Too many options, not enough people willing to pay for specialty video entertainment. Comic-Con HQ, the subscription video channel that launched last summer from Lionsgate and the company that runs the San Diego Comic-Con, has shut down. At least when it comes to selling direct to customers. If you now visit their site, you’ll see links to

ad-supported platforms like Tubi TV and Roku’s recently launched Roku Channel[.] Amazon will continue to sell Comic-Con HQ’s catalog through its Channels video subscription platform.

Signs could be seen when they stopped producing original content and didn’t stream anything from this year’s (2017) San Diego Comic-Con. And subscribers to the Amazon channel have been leaving terrible reviews about not being able to cancel easily and a lack of worthwhile content. Nice try, but people don’t appreciate being nickled-and-dimed every month for just a few programs; Netflix has spoiled them into building appetites for large video buffets. At least for now, Wizard World’s CONtv, a similar effort, is still around, although losing lots of money.

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  • Has anyone ever figured out how to contact Comicon HQ customer service? I need to cancel my yearly subscription I made before they did all this switchover stuff?

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