Not So Fast, New Warriors – TV Series Plans on Hold

Freeform logo

This past spring, Freeform (a channel part of the ABC/Disney family) decided they wanted a New Warriors TV series. It was going to be a half-hour live-action sitcom about young superheroes. Many people were excited about the show idea because one of the characters was going to be Squirrel Girl, a fan favorite.

Now comes word that Freeform has dropped the series (although they’re still proceeding with their Cloak and Dagger show plans). Producers are shopping the show around to other outlets. It’s possible that the failure of Marvel’s Inhumans show, which became a laughingstock due to the cheap effects and poor production quality, has led to greater realization that a comic-based property has to be good to get an audience, and superhero comedies have an iffy track record.


  • I’ve read that the pilot has tested really well, though, and that’s why Marvel is pushing ahead with other networks.

    Could just be spin, of course. But I’d really like to see a superhero comedy succeed.

    (I AM quite enjoying The Tick on Amazon, but New Warriors presumably won’t skew quite so adult.)

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