Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 7

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 7

As indicated at the end of volume 6, the couple of Asuka and Ryu face an even more challenging obstacle than we’ve previously seen: Ryu is being asked to work overseas for some years. It’s a major career advancement, but how will the two cope, and will this change his objection to the idea of marriage?

I won’t spoil Everyone’s Getting Married volume 7, because much of the fun of this series is seeing what happens next, but I will say that I preferred seeing an outside situational problem for the two to struggle with. In the previous book, if I recall correctly, most of the challenges were people: a rival and her family’s opinion. An unexpected work change is more plausible, less silly, and it symbolizes to me how even a happy couple has no idea what they’ll need to overcome next. Many have struggled with the idea of or need for a long-distance relationship.

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 7

The nice thing about having a deadline before being separated is that the two know to make the most of their time together, with some lovely-looking date nights. Otherwise, the art is driven by conversation, with lots of facial expression. It makes for a quick read.

Asuka has also been progressing in her career, with a new team assignment. I Like best the small scenes relating to this. In one, she gets reassurance that everyone gets a little scared when reaching a new level of responsibility but she’s still capable and will wind up enjoying it. That’s a great lesson to remember. In another sequence, it’s a pleasure to see her joy in solving a work puzzle, after being reprimanded by a superior but without enough detail. Seeing the two succeed in and enjoy their work is reassuring, making this a bit more than your typical romance.

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