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Flying Witch Volume 3

Flying Witch Volume 3

Flying Witch volume 3 doesn’t differ appreciably from the first book in the series. That’s its strength — calm, lightweight stories about everyday life with just a soupçon of magic to make things interesting. Not too scary or different, though, just relaxing.

The kids go to a witch cafe where they’re waited on by a ghost. Another patron is a fox — drawn adorably! — an encounter which helps Chinatsu’s mother write children’s books. The kids garden and eat what they grow. No knowledge of previous books is needed, although being familiar with visitors that return, such as Miss Inukai (the dog-headed woman), who tells fortunes, will provide more enjoyment.

Flying Witch Volume 3

The most fantastic encounter of this volume is when they ride a flying whale! Even that ends prosaically, though, as they meet another witch and go home to make pancakes for breakfast. The most interesting things about the characters involve everyday friendship and quiet country living.

The posed figures of the art vaguely remind me of flipping through vacation snapshots. The particular incidents of this volume would be well-suited to a younger reader, since everything’s so comfortable and unchallenging, particularly given the cute animal background bits. Or perhaps for family readers to enjoy together. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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