Peace of Mind #1

Peace of Mind #1

Peace of Mind begins with what a sitcom might look like in the Matrix.

A woman in a VR simulation of a happy family runs out of money and is thrown away for dead. Members of some kind of underground society find her and hook her up to an interrogator, which threatens to bring doom upon them.

The art is edgy but easily readable, with a scratchy style that fits the dystopian future. I get the feel, with art and text, of a fully realized world. This issue is all introduction to hopefully bring you back for more, so there’s no realization, but as setup, it’s a good start. (I just wish that indy creators would put out more substantial chunks of work — it makes it hard to recommend a first chapter when the next one might be out in three months or six months or who knows when. Here, they’re aiming for quarterly.)

There are some well-chosen emotional moments, subtly told, that will stick with me. I hope we see more of the woman’s motivations and wants, that she’s not just an establishing plot device for techo-anarchism.

Peace of Mind #1

Now, if you’re interested, you’ll have to be patient. Peace of Mind, written by Callum Fraser and illustrated by Emiliano Correa, will be appearing on ComiXology at some point to be announced. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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