WarGames to Return as Interactive Series

WarGames text

I adore the WarGames movie. It’s still one of the best-ever portraits of what hacking is really about (research, social engineering, and grunt work).

I didn’t see the direct-to-video sequel WarGames: The Dead Code that came out ten years ago because why would I? (Did anyone? But everyone was trying to wring additional value out of intellectual property then.)

Now I find out that they’re rebooting as an “interactive series” based on this trailer.

The pictures of “hackers” look ridiculously cheesy and stereotyped, but I have to admit, once “Shall we play a game?” came on-screen, I was curious. And the stats that start the trailer make a good point, that potential effects are huge. I’m not sure exactly what an “interactive series” is in practice, but I guess I’ll find out in 2018 when #WarGames launches.

The “Sam Barlow” referenced is a game designer, not a TV producer or director. MGM owns the original, while Eko bills themselves as “the world’s leading interactive entertainment platform”. This Variety article has more detail, including that the show is “only conceptually based on the original film” and there are no specific distribution plans yet. Barlow plans to “take the questions raised by the original movie and ask them again in a world where technology has fundamentally changed our lives.”

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