Faith Erin Hicks Has a Novel Coming in 2019

Comics Will Break Your Heart

One of this site’s favorite creators, Faith Erin Hicks, will be stretching her creative muscles with a young adult novel. That’s prose, not drawn, but given the title, I suspect it will be of interest to her fans.

Roaring Brook Press will release in February 2019 the 336-page Comics Will Break Your Heart, and here’s the cover.

Comics Will Break Your Heart

She created individual art pieces to use in the letters.

She described the book on Twitter as well.

“The rest of the book is about teenage feelings, American and Canadian interactions, small Nova Scotian towns, dads who think they’re funny, working turf at a golf course, and people who love comics a little too much.”

It was earlier summed up as “focused on two teenagers who find themselves on the opposite sides of a legal battle over the creation of a superhero team that’s about to be turned into a big-budget Hollywood movie.”

She tweeted, “I put a lot of my Very Strong Feelings about comics into it, I really hope people like it!!”

I’m sure I will! The title, by the way, comes from a quote variously attributed to Jack Kirby or Charles Schulz. You can buy it on a pin shaped like a word balloon.

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