Amazon Includes Graphic Novels on Lifetime Reading Lists

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Amazon last week released “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime“, a wide-ranging suggested reading list. They wanted to cover a full life, so it includes fiction, non-fiction, classics, modern works, and even children’s books.

As for graphic art, it includes the following comic titles and related works:

(Notice that there’s some bad design on this page. On my laptop screen, at first, I only saw 60 books, 15 rows of four titles each. You have to zoom out to get the final three columns to appear and see the entire 100. Some programmers have gotten too used to their giant screens to consider full usability for a variety of devices.)

There are also specialty lists, Young Adult list which repeats Persepolis and adds

This list appears to have been affected by the incorrect idea that comics are for young people, as the latter two are more suitable for adults, who can better relate to the subject matter and/or cope with the violence. Plus, I’d have selected a later Sandman volume, since those are better than the rough start. But I’m glad to see that comics are now an established, recognized part of literature to be included on lists like these.

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