Uninhabitable a Unique Look at Trying to Control Our Environment

Uninhabitable by Jed McGowan

I enjoyed reading Jed McGowan’s comic “Uninhabitable”. I wasn’t previously familiar with his work, although I see that he has released a graphic novel, Lone Pine, with AdHouse Books. But how can you pass up a gorgeously illustrated free read?

The content of “Uninhabitable” made me think about control, and how much we think we can change about our world, and having to accept that some things may not go as intended but life goes on. That’s a good message for these days.

The art style is something I haven’t seen before, reminding me of glossy 50s magazines and their attention to lush, vibrant art in a mid-century modernist style. An interesting choice for something that deals with spaceships and technology, but again, a welcome throwback to more optimistic days, running up against reality. The way everything seems viewed through a fine mist of dust also beautifully evokes the content. It’s a skilled blend of form and message working together.

It’s also a fascinating example of how anything can be a protagonist, and of using environment to tell a story. He’s got several other thematically similar comics on his site if you want to continue reading.

Uninhabitable panel by Jed McGowan

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