Titan’s Doctor Who Comics Going on Hiatus

Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #13

Looking at the last few Previews catalogs, in the Titan Comics section, I found it interesting to note that there were fewer Doctor Who comic issues offered.

In December, we could order The Tenth Doctor Year Three #14 (DEC171835, which is labeled the end of that run and is due out at the end of February) or The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #13 (DEC171838, which is also labeled a conclusion and due out March 7).

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Year Three #14 Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #13

In January’s catalog, there are eight collections, hardcover and softcover, freshly available or available again, but no individual issues.

In February’s catalog, out shortly but available digitally, there’s only one Doctor Who publication available, a hardcover collection of some Twelfth Doctor comics (FEB181828). This didn’t seem to bode well to me, so I went searching and turned up this convention panel writeup from London last October. Quotes from that article follow.

… after the current runs have concluded, the comics will be taking a brief hiatus before relaunching with new issue #1s (similar to previous years) in May 2018.

That would mean we’d start seeing new solicits in the March Previews catalog, available at the end of next month. So we’ll be able to check that out shortly. Since the new Doctor Who TV series won’t debut until later this year, there’s no rush, apparently, and there will be some changes coming.

We’re promised a more affordable line — meaning fewer series — yet allowing fans of whichever eras to enjoy as the Doctors are all represented…. this could mean fewer ongoing series, but more miniseries — indeed, the Third, Fourth, and Eighth Doctors’ limited runs were all received enthusiastically.

I’d get behind that. I like substantial stories that have a conclusion instead of an ongoing journey it’s easy to get lost in.

we’re also promised better shipping schedules … and more extensive marketing.

That will be interesting to see. Comic publishers in general struggle with marketing, since for so long they haven’t had to do much, given the captive audience. With a growing interesting outside traditional fandom, though, and particularly with the outcry over the newest Doctor, Titan should be doing more promotion outside the comic shop.

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