Giant Days: Early Registration Reprints Earliest Issues

Giant Days is one of this site’s favorite ongoing comics. The story of Esther, Daisy, and Susan navigating college is funny and insightful. It’s written by John Allison (Scary Go Round) and drawn mostly by Max Sarin.

However, before Boom! began publishing the ongoing series in 2015, Allison wrote *and drew* three self-published issues with the same characters. The first of these was published as an extra in the Not on the Test Edition volume 1 hardcover. The second was similarly an extra in Not on the Test Edition volume 2.

Now Boom! has announced that they will be collecting the three issues in softcover as Giant Days: Early Registration. Judging from this preview page, the previously monochrome first issue will be recolored with a full palette. (Although I do wonder if this means that there won’t be a Not on the Test Edition volume 3.)

Giant Days: Early Registration preview page by John Allison

Giant Days: Early Registration is due out in December.

“The three self-published Giant Days comics are very special to me so I’m thrilled that Boom! Studios putting them out in this collected edition,” said John Allison. “Though Esther had appeared before in my webcomics, these were the first appearances of Susan, Daisy and Ed Gemmell, and they seemed to hit the page fully formed. The stories in Giant Days: Early Registration are as interesting to me for the directions I decided not to go in the Boom! Studios series — crazy battles, yogic flying, demonic presences – as all the things that laid the groundwork for what came a few years later. They’ve always felt like part of the whole to me so I can’t wait for more people to be able to read them.”

Giant Days: Early Registration

Cover by John Allison

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