The Official Wonder Woman Ring

Wonder Woman silver logo ring

While searching for something else in my jewelry box, I stumbled across this lovely item I thought people might want to know about.

In 1999, DC Direct (which used to do a lot more than action figures and statues) released a sterling silver Wonder Woman ring, as shown here. It sold for $79.95 US ($139.95 Canadian) and was available in at least whole sizes 6-13. They also made rings for Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern (duh) that I know of, although I only have this one. (Which I had to polish up before showing it, since it tarnished after sitting in a box for almost two decades.) It’s quite comfortable to wear, if solid and a little heavy. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow and see who notices.

Wonder Woman silver logo ring

Wonder Woman silver logo ring


  • Eric Gimlin

    Somewhere in storage I have the Legion Flight Ring from around this time. (If I recall the copy correctly, there was a disclaimer that it would not actually allow the wearer to fly.) I’m pretty sure I remember a Flash costume storage ring as well.

  • I think, based on some searching, the flight ring came out a year before the Wonder Woman ring. (I don’t know when the other silver superhero rings came out.) And yes, there was a “warning: ring will not allow wearer to fly”!

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