Rockula Coming to Blu-ray!

Rockula poster

I guarantee most of you have never heard of Rockula, a cheesy bad movie from 1990 starring Dean Cameron as a teenage vampire. His mother is played by Toni Basil, his nemesis is Thomas Dolby (yes, the musician, who plays a pirate with a peg leg), and his band includes Bo Diddley.

Every 22 years, his fated love gets killed by the pirate, only to be reincarnated. He’s determined to break the cycle this time, and becoming a rock star is part of the plan in this horror/ comedy/ musical. Songs include “Rockula”, “Rapula” (with the chorus “He’s the DJ, I’m the vampire”), and the Elvis-influenced “The King Is Back”. If you’re curious, you can watch it on Amazon Prime or (I think) Netflix.

Rockula poster

I have no idea where I first saw it, but I love this movie! So I was thrilled to hear that Shout! Factory will be releasing it on Blu-ray on March 20. Shout! is terrific at putting together new extras. In this case, they include the trailer, new interviews with Dean Cameron and director Luca Bercovici, and a commentary with Bercovici, actress Tawny Fere, and composer Hilary Bercovici. Preordered!

By the way, although most of these promo photos are in black and white, the movie is in color.

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