TwoMorrows Launches Nostalgia Magazine

RetroFan covers

Since old people are the only ones who still buy magazines, it makes sense to make more magazines for old people.

Have you heard of ReMIND magazine? It combines “a nostalgia magazine and a puzzle magazine all in one! Each issue has dozens of brain-teasing puzzles, trivia quizzes, classic comics, and features from the 1950s-1980s.” They’ve already cover-featured “Wonder Women” and “Classic Superheroes”. It’s put out by the same people behind TV Guide, which still exists.

I was thinking about this because comic magazine and book publisher TwoMorrows has just announced their own nostalgia magazine, RetroFan.

RetroFan covers

It’s a quarterly magazine covering 60s, 70s, and 80s pop culture, including toys, comics, monsters, TV, and film. It’s edited by Michael Eury, who puts together Back Issue for the publisher. The first issue will be available June 20 with 84 pages in color for $8.95. You can preorder it now from your local comic shop with Diamond code MAR18 1967, or a subscription is $38/year from the publisher.

It sounds like a lot of fun, continuing on from their wider-ranging publications like Groovy.


  • James Schee

    I guess it’s been a while since I bought a magazine as $8.95 for 84 pages seems high. Lol

    It’s neat ideas I guess though. I brought my mom a subscription to a Reminince Magazine that had pictures and stories from the time period she grew up in. She loved it, until her eye sight got to where she couldn’t read anymore.

  • “ReMind” sounds like it should just reprint old 80s issues of GAMES magazine.

    Wait, I’d buy those again.

    Crap, I’m old.

  • I guess you’re safe saying only “old people buy magazines” since most old people aren’t on the web and can’t read your article and get offended by what you say. Shame on you.

  • You’re complaining about me stereotyping “old people” by … stereotyping old people?

    I’m sorry you misunderstood – that was a crack at myself, since I love getting magazines.

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