DC Super Hero Girls to Visit Atlantis

DC Super Hero Girls: Search for Atlantis

I love the DC Super Hero Girls! After some qualms about the property when they launched three years ago, I’ve come to love the comics, with their adventurous team-ups. That’s due to the skills of writer Shea Fontana and artist Yancey Labat, who keep the entertainment coming and the characters more than just an excuse to sell toys. The latest out is Date with Disaster!, if you want to jump in. If you haven’t started this series yet, there’s a great beginning point coming. The first books are going to be collected in a four-book slipcased set in early April.

Next out, in August, is the book collecting the digital-first Out of the Bottle, a fun art-based battle.

I also found on Amazon the listing for DC Super Hero Girls: The Search for Atlantis, coming in October.

Mera is the new girl at Super Hero High and when Wonder Woman takes Mera under her wing, Wonder Woman’s best friend Bumblebee is overcome with jealousy. Despite her feelings, Bumblebee accompanies Mera and the Super Hero Girls on a field trip to Atlantis. But when they arrive, Atlantis is missing! Mera is horrified when they discover that Brainiac has shrunken and stolen Atlantis with the Atlanteans trapped inside! The Super Hero Girls must work together to defeat Brainaic and, along the way, Bumblebee must learn the true meaning of friendship.

Underwater visits are usually fun superhero stories, and I’m thrilled to see Mera join the team. Shea Fontana continues to write, yay!, and I believe Yancey Labat will illustrate. This will be the launch title for DC Zoom, their new middle grade-focused line, as well as tying into the winter release of an Aquaman movie.

DC Super Hero Girls: Search for Atlantis

Also coming eventually is a collection of Spaced Out, the digital-first series that brought Green Lantern Jessica Cruz to the group. That comes out every other week, so it should finish digitally around the end of April. There was almost a year gap between the end of the digital solicitation and the print release of Out of the Bottle, so I’m guessing we won’t see that until early 2019.

Update: DC Super Hero Girls: The Search for Atlantis is now available for pre-order from your local comic shop with Diamond code JUN18 0439. It’s due out in that market September 26.


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