Static Shock’s Fourth (and Final) Season Coming to DVD

Static Shock: The Complete Fourth Season

As pointed out by World’s Finest, Warner Archive has posted a listing for Static Shock: The Complete Fourth Season, available April 24 for $24.99.

The series, about an electrically powered teen superhero, has been long overdue for collecting, so I’m glad to see they’re going to finish out the series. I’m speculating that this will be a two-disc set, since season 4 consisted of these 13 epsiodes:

  1. “Future Shock” – Batman Beyond crossover set in the future
  2. “She-Back!”
  3. “Out of Africa” – the return of Anansi, who visits Static’s city of Dakota
  4. “Fallen Hero” – guest stars Green Lantern (voiced by Phil Lamarr, who played Static) and other Justice League members
  5. “Army of Darkness”
  6. “No Man’s Island”
  7. “Hoop Squad” – guest stars NBA players
  8. “Now You See Him…”
  9. “Where the Rubber Meets the Road”
  10. “Linked”
  11. “Wet and Wild”
  12. “Kidnapped”
  13. “Power Outage” – the series finale

As extras, this set will include the two-part Justice League Unlimited two-part episode “Once and Future Thing” that follows up on “Future Shock”, making for a complete package.

Static Shock: The Complete Fourth Season

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