Gender, Body Issues, and Teen Angst: Alexis Sugden’s Comic

It's All For The Breast by Alexis Sugden

“Gender, Body Issues, and Teen Angst” is Alexis Sugden’s tagline for her comic It’s All for the Breast, her story of why she got breast reduction surgery at age 18. She’s right – it’s a fascinating, well-drawn exploration of those subjects. I appreciate seeing more of these kinds of stories about finding yourself and becoming comfortable with your body and gender being published; it’s a insightful way to understand more about all kinds of people, including those facing challenges a reader may not have direct experience with.

Sugden has just launched a Kickstarter for a print (or digital) collection of these strips as well. You can read the whole story so far at the first link above, although the collection will include unspecified extras. She’s asking for a modest amount, so it’s well on its way to funding, and if you want a minimal investment, there’s a PDF-only tier. If you don’t want to read 74 pages to find out what it’s like, then try this abbreviated version. Or check out her other work.

Here’s a sample page, early on, that reminded me that everyone thinks whatever they don’t have is better.

It's All For The Breast by Alexis Sugden

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