DC Kids’ Imprints Delayed

DC Ink, DC Zoom logos

When announced, DC’s Zoom and Ink imprints were seen as welcome indicators that the comic company was serious about reaching beyond the traditional comic shop market. By focusing on middle grade and young adult readers, DC was seen to be acknowledging how much growth is happening in kids’ comics, and how successful sales to that market can be.

The launch books for later this year included Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass (September), DC Super Hero Girls: Search for Atlantis (October), and Mera (November).

However, coming out of the retailer event preceding this year’s C2E2 convention, Heidi MacDonald tweeted that “DC Zoom and Ink launch books have been pushed back to 1Q or even 2Q 2019.”

That’s disappointing to hear. Perhaps they’re working on making sure they have all the support in place for them to launch well (as I try to think of the best possible reason for a three-to-six-month delay). And clearly, no one’s informed Amazon yet, as they’re still showing original dates.


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