Black Lightning DVD Set Announced

Black Lightning Blu-ray

I spent the weekend binging the first season of Black Lightning, and I loved it! It’s tough to combine superhero action with cultural commentary, but this CW show makes a valiant attempt, with the added benefit of my new favorite, Thunder (Nafessa Williams), the first black lesbian superhero on TV.

Cress Williams anchors the show, whether he’s playing the title powers, the community-leading school principal Jefferson Pierce, or family man coping with his daughters’ discoveries of their abilities and potentially reuniting with his ex-wife (Christine Adams as the brilliant and balanced Dr. Lynn Stewart). The villains include a street-level drug dealer (and former student of Pierce’s), the local gangster lord Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III), and a mysterious government agency with a conspiracy background, providing a diverse set of challenges. The show also isn’t afraid to tackle current issues, from police bias and corruption to a lack of opportunity for black men.

Once his daughter gets involved in heroing, their different generations reminded me of Icon and Rocket, another past favorite read where the energetic younger member of the team balanced out the more conservative approach of the older, more powerful partner.

Black Lightning Blu-ray

Black Lightning: The Complete First Season will be available on Blu-ray (list price $39.99) and DVD ($29.98) on June 26, 2018. In addition to the 13 episodes, there will be deleted scenes, a gag reel, the 2017 Comic-Con panel, and two featurettes: “A Family of Strength” and “Black Lightning Come Visit Georgia”.


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