TCAF 2018 Programming Now Available

TCAF 2018 banner

The programming is now available for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2018. They’ve put it into Guidebook, which is either an app or a website. If you log in, you can flag events and create your own schedule, complete with reminders as well as a to-do list, which I used to note which artists I want to try and meet.

When it comes to panels, I hope you’ll consider attending the following, which I will be moderating:

Spotlight: Hartley Lin x Georgia Webber
Saturday 2:45 High Park Ballroom 1 (Marriott)

After many years of serializing their respective series, TCAF Featured Guests Hartley Lin (Young Frances) and Georgia Webber (Dumb) are finally debuting their first major books! Check them out as they discuss grinding it out in the Canadian comics scene, hooking up with US publishers, and how they balance their comics careers with their non-comics lives.

TCAF 2018 banner

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