Go Pledge for Warning Label Because I Want a Con-Running Card Game

Warning Label by Thom Zahler

I’ve previously talked about Warning Label, the nerdy romance comic by Thom Zahler that ran for 39 chapters on Webtoon. I loved it. The plot’s about Danielle, a woman cursed by an ex to have a “warning label” that tells new romantic prospects of her relationship flaws.

Warning Label panel 4

It’s a great device to explore how to grow up and figure out what’s important to someone in life and love, particularly once Jeff is determined not to let the label scare him off. Plus, Jeff works at a cool indy movie theater and Danielle is a game designer, making for scenes that accurately capture fandoms and convention experiences.

Now that it’s complete, Thom has launched a Kickstarter to put out the collected edition, and as any strip reader will be pleased to hear, one of the stretch goals is to actually make the card game Danielle comes up with, about running a convention successfully. I really want this game, so if you’re at all interested, please consider pledging. The comic is a wonderful read, and Thom will be adding notes about the various references and in-jokes.

Warning Label by Thom Zahler

The project went over 60% on day one, so it looks like there will be no issues with funding. But it will need to more than triple goal to make the game, which will happen at the $20,000 level. (There are pins and shirts along the way.) You can pledge for just a book, of course, or there are art levels or even an opportunity to get individual coaching and a project review.

Update: The project has funded, and the first stretch goal (pins) has been met! Thom has posted a new bonus comic, featuring these characters, talking about his new series, the Kickstarter, other plans, and a thank you to fans.

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