DC’s Double Blow: Raises Prices, Drops Digital Copies

New DC Comics logo 2016

Newsrama had the news: “as of last week, all DC Universe ongoing titles — physical and digital — will be priced $3.99.” And doubling the pain of the blow, the physical comics no longer come with free digital copies. (Yes, they were probably unnecessary for many readers, but raising the price while removing benefits is some cable-monopoly-level evil.)

“According to DC, readers can anticipate that digital codes will be included on physical copies of #1 issues of major titles, select event books, annuals, and other special books.” Retailers weren’t informed of the change prior to it going into effect. Marvel tried this a few months ago and outcry (and more to the point, sales) was such they reversed course. I suspect DC won’t be as susceptible.

Since some DC titles ship twice a month, that’s $8 to follow Batman (or whoever). That’s a lot for 40 pages of story that usually isn’t even complete. Why the need to raise money so suddenly? It’ll be interesting to see how much sales drop over the next few months as retailers and customers cut back.


  • Jeff

    I’m out. Not that much of interest in their whole lineup anyway. I’ll Hoopla a trade if it catches my eye from the library but that is it. Just stopped Batgirl with the last issue as well.

  • I’m curious to see the direction Batgirl takes now that Hope Larson has left.

    Hoopla as a verb, heh. Prices are so high that it does make sense to borrow where you can.

  • Claude

    My husband and I pre-order the majority of our comics, which come at a 35-40% discount from DCBS. If we ever had to pay full price for our comics we’d definitely drop a lot of titles for sake of making the hobby more affordable. Everything is over-priced these days.

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