Will iZombie Have Another Season?

Rose McIver in iZombie

I probably shouldn’t have used that headline, since the answer to headline questions is usually “no”, but I hope that’s not the case. However, last month, the CW renewed all of their comic book shows — Riverdale (for season 3), Arrow (season 7), Black Lightning (season 2), Legends of Tomorrow (season 4), The Flash (season 5), and Supergirl (season 4) — except for iZombie.

The fun procedural is in its fourth season, and it’s doing some weird things, turning Seattle into a walled city of zombies run by a military autocrat. I just binged the last six episodes, and it’s a thrilling roller coaster with timely overtones, including storylines about helping those in need regardless of the law. That may be too much of a downer for some people.

Rose McIver in iZombie

I began worrying about the fate of the show when they did a recent episode where the cast started commenting on TV show episodes that ran out of budget and started describing action sequences instead of filming them. Then one of their characters did the same thing. Yes, it was self-referentially funny, but it also made me wonder.

Show creator Rob Thomas has tweeted “We need 1 more season to get to the end of our story!” iZombie was one of three waiting to hear their status, and the other two have been cancelled. I’ve got my fingers crossed this won’t be the end of Liv Moore and her friends!

Update: iZombie has been renewed for season 5! But that will be its final season.

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