Death of Superman Trailer, Release Dates

The Death of Superman (Blu-ray)

We started hearing about the next original animated DC movie, The Death of Superman, earlier this year. Now comes box art, a trailer, and a release date.

The movie will be available digitally on July 24 with the Blu-ray and DVD versions following on August 7. It’s about Superman facing down Doomsday, who ultimately kills him, after the alien monster comes to earth and takes out the Justice League. I hadn’t realized it’s scripted by comic writer and editor Peter J. Tomasi, who knows his stuff. Here’s the trailer:

There will be four physical editions:

The Death of Superman Deluxe Gift Set

Special features will be:

A sneak peek at DC Universe’s next animated movie, Reign of the Supermen — looking at the sequel movie, which likely, based on the comics, introduces a new Superboy, Steel, and other characters to fill the gap after Superman’s death. This is the only extra included on the DVD.

The featurette “The Death of Superman: The Brawl That Topped Them All” — with creators of the iconic comic and the new film and a martial arts expert.

Two vault episodes, Legion of Super Heroes, “Dark Victory” parts 1 and 2.

The Death of Superman (Blu-ray)

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