Unnatural #1

Unnatural #1

Unnatural #1 attempts to justify its soft-core porn by tossing in some platitudes about how beings should be allowed to love whom they love. But it’s still all about drawing the eye lingeringly over images of a well-endowed topless woman.

Leslie is a pig girl, which means she has a turned-up nose and a little bitty curly tail at the top of her butt, which we see plenty of. She’s having erotic dreams about a wolf-man lover, even though it’s against the law to date outside your species.

Her lecherous boss has bought her a new uniform, which is so low-cut it shows her nipples. (Her breasts appear fully human.) There’s also a bathtub scene and another make-out dream among the characters wondering if her dreams mean something.

Unnatural #1

I suppose, charitably, one could say that the comic’s author, Mirka Andolfo, is attempting to make us feel guilty for objectifying Leslie as the other characters do, but I think she just likes making erotic images. (Unnatural was originally published in Europe, you will be unsurprised to note.) The cover layout, as well as the nude variant cover by Milo Manara, with Leslie humping a pillow, gives a great idea of the audience Image is going for here. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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