Spectacle Volume 2 Returns Digitally

Spectacle volume 2

As with Megan Rose Gedris’s Spectacle volume 1, volume 2 will be serialized digitally before the print version is published by Oni Press.

Issue #6 will be available digitally on July 11, with a new issue every month until November. (That makes five, which was the same length as the first volume.) Or you can read the webcomic as a page a day.

The first book came out in May, with its final issue out in February, so that suggests that we’ll see the Spectacle volume 2 collection in December.

Update: I was off. The second collection is due out May 22, 2019, and can be ordered from your local comic shop with Diamond code JAN19 2017.

It’s the story of a circus-dwelling twin trying to find out who killed her sister. While there was plenty of character-building and adventure in the first book, we’re still looking to find out who actually committed the murder.

In this arc, mysterious mutations begin to take over the circus, creating rifts and rival factions among the troupe. Anna experiences unsettling dreams that may hint at the underpinnings of the murder, and Kat finds that being dead doesn’t mean that her responsibilities have ended—or that her secrets will remain unburied.

Spectacle volume 2

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