Should Sex Work Be Illegal? A Comic

Erika Moen and Lux Alptraum put together a comic called “Feminists Should Support Decriminalizing Sex Work. Here’s Why.” It’s great cartooning and insightful education on a topic many people haven’t thought about.

To keep the focus on the content instead of prurient images, sex work is represented as a red umbrella, an excellent choice of symbolism. Although there’s a lot of text in this piece, as there needs to be, the images contribute understanding instead of simply illustrating what’s being said. It’s a thought-provoking work.

Sex work comic by Erika Moen and Lux Alptraum

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  • MM

    No it shouldn’t be legal. It’s not what sex was meant to be for one and it degrades and dehumanizes women for another.

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