Lobster Is the Best Medicine

Lobster Is the Best Medicine

I adore Liz Climo’s comics. They’re simple, often just two panels, often just two or three animals in each, but they’re direct and heart-warming. She juggles her characters between their animal behavior and well-observed, more human-like traits.

Lobster Is the Best Medicine is specifically labeled “a collection of comics about friendship”, and that’s a welcome subject to dive further into. Additionally, the small hardcover (a bit larger than a pack of cards) would make an excellent gift, as it’s cute but substantial.

In the comics, various animals, sometimes in odd combinations, help each other out or figure out what they want to do while spending time together. Many of the most imaginative strips involve Halloween costumes, which I adore. Another section emphasizes unusual friendship pairings.

Lobster Is the Best Medicine

The best way for me to illustrate how great her comics are are to show you some of my favorites from this book. I can talk about her unique point of view, and her skilled portraits of body language, but a picture’s worth and all that. This one’s about helping a friend in an unexpected way.

Pig and blue lizard cartoon by Liz Climo

This one’s about being creative in not leaving someone behind.

Birds and balloons cartoon by Liz Climo

One of the costume comics.

Snake lizard costume comic by Liz Climo

You can follow Climo’s comics on her Twitter feed or on her Tumblr or at GoComics.

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