Dash Returns After Three Years Away

Dash #2 cover

Dash features a traditional, hard-boiled private eye who happens to be gay. He’s mixed up in a supernatural visitation when a mummy comes to life and a possessed young woman is accused of murder.

Writer Dave Ebersole and artist Delia Gable got a strong start on this series from Northwest Press when it launched in October 2014, but the release was spotty. Issue #2 made it out in December 2014, but #3 came out in July 2015, and #4, the last so far, December 2015. That’s unfortunate, since the first six issues are one big story. Dash’s investigation is complicated by his feelings for an ex-lover, giving the horrific case some personal interest.

Dash #1 cover

The latest comic ordering catalog now has a listing for issue #5 from Northwest Press. It’s due out at the end of October, and it can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code AUG18 2101. You can read preview pages from previous issues at the book’s website.


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