Witch Boy Sequel Now Available for Order

The Hidden Witch

Coming at the end of October is the much-anticipated sequel to The Witch Boy. Molly Knox Ostertag’s story of a young man who wants to practice the kind of magic only girls are supposed to do resonated with a lot of readers, particularly those wondering about finding their own place in the world.

The Hidden Witch continues the story of Aster, the boy witch, and his non-magical friend Charlie. She’s being chased by a curse, so the friends work to hunt its source down. The way the two made friends and learned about each other’s backgrounds was one of my favorite parts of the original, so I’m thrilled to hear this followup will have more of the two together.

The Hidden Witch can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code AUG18 2002. There’s also a hardcover version (AUG18 2003).

The Hidden Witch

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