Wizard World Announces 2019 Schedule, Cancels Some 2018 Shows

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Last weekend was one of the biggest shows of the Wizard World calendar, Wizard World Chicago. Which means it’s time to be looking at what’s left in their calendar for this year.

Back in the spring, Wizard announced the following shows still to come in 2018:

September 7-9, Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 21-23, Austin, Texas
October 5-7, Sacramento, California
October 26-28, Springfield, Missouri
November 9-11, Montgomery, Alabama
November 30-December 2, Madison, Wisconsin

Looking at their website, and per a recent announcement, Springfield and Montgomery have been cancelled. Those two shows were to be Wizard’s first time in those markets. That leaves four shows to come still this year.

The 2019 schedule looks as follows:

January 4-6, New Orleans — 9th year
February 22-24, Portland, Oregon — 7th year
March 8-10, Cleveland
April 5-7, St. Louis — 7th year
June 13-16, Philadelphia — 19th year
July 19-21, Boise, Idaho
August 22-25, Chicago — 22nd year
October 18-20, Columbus, Ohio — 9th year
October 25-27, Madison, Wisconsin
November 8-10, Austin, Texas — 10th year

Two more will be scheduled after the shows are held this year — Tulsa and Sacramento — which to me suggests they want to see how successful they are. There’s also a Des Moines, Iowa, show planned for sometime in 2020.

Additionally, June 8-9 brings a “Ghostbusters Fan Fest Presented By Wizard World” to the Sony Pictures Studio Lot in Culver City, California. This may not be all, since Wizard has said, “Additional cities and venues are still to be scheduled and will be announced when finalized.”

This is a smaller schedule than in years past, but given their recent financial struggles, it’s sensible to stick with surer bets.


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