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Bravo! Oni Press has created Draw Out the Vote, “a free state-by-state comics voting guide”. For each state, there’s a page with a comic by a different artist from that area about an election topic as well as information on how to register and vote in that state and community organizations to get involved with.

Fifty-two different artists explore what voting, politics, and living in American mean to them in this collection of black-and-white comics. Cartoonists from each state (plus Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico) were invited to contribute to the project, which Oni hopes will increase voter awareness and encourage comics readers to vote in the November midterm elections. Included with each comic are instructions on how to register to vote in each state—as well as what to do to actually vote, and other things to note that may affect your ability to vote. (Can you wear a campaign shirt to the polls? Can you vote if you have a felony conviction?) Voting is our civic duty, and Oni Press wants to make it as easy as possible for people to register and vote in 2018.

This is a substantial, important project and an amazing example of how comics can be used for informative purposes. It’s also a great way to sample a bunch of talented artists, since each page includes links to more of their work.

Draw Out the Vote

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