Krypton First Season Announced for Home Video

Since I cut cable, I keep forgetting that there’s another comic place show beyond Gotham and Riverdale. Krypton airs on SyFy and is set two generations before the Superman story we know, following the adventures of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), who is

faced with a life and death conflict — save his home planet or let it be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson. With Krypton’s leadership in disarray and the House of El ostracized, Seg fights alongside Earthly time-traveler Adam Strange to redeem his family’s honor and protect the ones he loves while saving the future of his legacy from DC super-villain Brainiac.

Krypton: The Complete First Season

The first season consisted of ten episodes; Krypton: The Complete First Season will be available on Blu-ray (list price $29.98, comes with digital copy) and DVD (list price $24.98) on March 5, 2019. There’s already been a second season approved for production. The extras on both format sets include:

  • Krypton: 2017 Comic-Con Panel
  • Krypton: Bringing the Home World to Life
  • A Lost Kingdom: Life on Krypton
  • Gag reel
  • Deleted scenes

I didn’t realize that this show had an after-show discussion called Decrypting Krypton. Too bad those episodes aren’t included!

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