Tokyo Alice Volume 6

Tokyo Alice Volume 6

When Tokyo Alice began, it was about a shopaholic and her friends looking for love. As the series by Toriko Chiya continued, the romantic ups-and-downs have taken more focus, but Tokyo Alice volume 6 gets back a bit to shopping as the four women decide to go to Hawaii together.

As the book opens, Fu is on a hot spring weekend with her boyfriend, psyching herself up for the first time they’ll be intimate and goofing things up by being too much of an otaku and chattering on about her fandoms. Enjoji, the engaged rich girl, has finally found a man who gives her the pleasure she’s seeking in bed, by ordering her around and using her only for sex, not dating.

Mizuho, the manga artist, has found a new income source by making custom dolls. She’s got a boyfriend as well, but he is one of Rio’s castoffs. Since he loved her friend originally, she doesn’t believe he really cares about her. And Rio rejects anyone who wants more than sex with her.

Tokyo Alice Volume 6

Mizuho gets advice from a psychic that watching the sun rise in Hawaii will solve all her problems, so off the four go to the islands. There’s plenty of shopping — with brand name stores and huge malls — and spa trips and restaurant meals. It works as a terrific advertisement for wanting to visit, but even on a vacation, the girls can’t escape their worries about their relationships.

This volume is something of a holding pattern when it comes to the bigger plots, but it’s fun seeing the women interacting all together, and it did make me want to visit Hawaii.

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